Health Economics Facility / Dep. of Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine

The health economic activities at the Medical Faculty, initiated in 2003, are located at the Department of Public Health, with its full members Institute/European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine and Institute of Nursing Science.

These activities are currently being bundled at the Health Economics Facility.

Research activities occur at the interface of economics and clinical epidemiology/medicine. They focus on Health Technology Assessment, particularly the cost-benefit implications and efficient use of pharmaceuticals and other healthcare interventions in Switzerland and internationally. Complementary activities occur in health services research. Current projects address, e.g., value-based health care in lung cancer patients, antimicrobial resistance, and early estimation of health economic characteristics of an emerging gene delivery technology.


Michaela Barbier

Michaela Barbier, PhD, is a Senior Scientist in Health Economics and Modeling at ECPM, with a background in biostatistics. Her main interests are in the field of health economic evaluations, value in health care, health services research, and real-world data analyses.

Jana Bartakova

Jana Bartakova, PhD, is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute of Nursing Science (INS), University of Basel, with a degree in Systematic Integration Processes in Health Services and a PhD in Health economics. Her research experiences include health economic evaluations in implementation science and alongside clinical trials, healthcare labor market analyses, HTA, quality of life research and health economic modelling.

Arjun Bhadhuri

Arjun Bhadhuri holds a PhD from the University of Birmingham, UK. Previously he studied economics at the University College London, UK and health economics at University of York, UK. In 2017 Arjun joined the University of Sheffield as a research associate in health economics. In 2018 he joined ECPM at the University of Basel, Switzerland where he is involved in undertaking economic evaluations, systematic reviews and quality of life research.

Mark Lambiris

Mark Lambiris, PhD, is a Senior Health Economist at the Health Economics Facility of the Medical Faculty and the Institute of Pharmaceutical Medicine (University of Basel). His research activities include health economic evaluations (cost-effectiveness analysis of pharmaceuticals or interventions), applying causal inference methods to real world data (health insurance claims, electronic medical records, social security datasets), implementation science research and evidence synthesis (meta-analysis). His work has spanned multiple disease and public health areas including infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, child and cognitive development, mental health, cancer and multiple sclerosis. He uses both frequentist and Bayesian statistical methods.

Judith Lupatsch

Judith Lupatsch, PhD, is a Senior Research Scientist and Lecturer at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Medicine. Her research interests focus on health economics, HTA, epidemiology and health service research, especially modelling aspects.

Niklaus Meier

Niklaus Meier is a PhD student in Public Health and Epidemiology at the University of Basel as of January 2021, under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Szucs.  He specializes in health technology assessment and cost-effectiveness analysis for pharmaceuticals.

Paola Salari

Paola Salari, PhD, is a Senior Research Scientist with experience in health economics and policy, economic evaluations, statistical analyses, and health systems of high- and low-income countries.

Nadine Schnur

Nadine Schur is a Senior Research Scientist at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Medicine (ECPM), University of Basel, with a Degree in Biomathematics and a PhD in epidemiology. Her research interests are real-world database analyses, health economic evaluations and decision-analytic modelling.

Matthias Schwenkglenks

Matthias Schwenkglenks leads the Health Economics Facility at the Department of Public Health, Medical Faculty, of the University of Basel and is Head of Research at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Medicine (ECPM). He also holds a Titular Professorship at the Medical Faculty of the University of Z├╝rich. Main research activities are in the fields of health economic evaluation (cost-effectiveness, cost-utility studies) and health services research using large, administrative datasets. A planned main focus of future research is the impact of insurance and reimbursement system design on the utilization and quality of healthcare services.

Sandro Stoffel

Sandro Stoffel, PhD, is a Senior Research Scientist with experience in behavioural health economics, medical decision making, health psychology and survey methodology.