Spring Podium 2024

BCHE organised its first spring podium on 11 March. The event and the subsequent drinks reception took place in the WWZ auditorium. Around 70 people attended and heard Prof Günther Fink present the latest survey results on health insurance in Switzerland. The exciting and somewhat surprising findings were then discussed with our invited guests. On the podium, Lukas Engelberger (Basel-Stadt Cantonal Councillor), Matthias Müller (FDP Canton of Zurich), Verena Nold (santésuisse) and Stefan Felder (BCHE) engaged in a lively debate on the future of basic health insurance in Switzerland. The interested audience took the opportunity to put questions to the speakers and panellists. The discussions continued in a more informal setting over drinks until late in the evening.



Inaugural Event Basel Center for Health Economics

The new Basel Center for Health Economics (BCHE) aims to harness the vast economic, public health, and life science resources in North Western Switzerland to become a leading center in health economics. Led by Stefan Felder (Faculty of Economics), Günther Fink (Faculty of Economics, Swiss TPH) and Matthias Schwenkglenks (Faculty of Medicine), the BCHE will serve as a local and international networking hub, fostering connections between research, industry leaders, and policy makers. By facilitating collaborations and knowledge exchange, the BCHE will drive innovation and address the most pressing challenges faced by the health sector. Through its research and training programs, the BCHE will actively seek to further build capacity, to contribute to improved healthcare outcomes, and to support the future design of health systems.


The Inaugural Event of the BCHE was a great success with many attendees from both the practitioners and the research area. Held on September 13 2023, the event was a compelling testament to the immense potential that BCHE holds in the realm of scientific discovery and healthcare advancement.

The venue was abuzz with the excitement of the attendees, which included renowned researchers, industry leaders, and aspiring  young scientists. BCHE's mission to foster collaboration and innovation was evident from the outset, as the event provided a platform for these diverse groups to interact and share their insights.





Prof. Dr. Torsten Schwede, Vice President for Research, University of Basel
Dr. Lukas Engelberger, Minister of Health, Canton of Basel-Stadt


BCHE: Three Units, One Vision

Stefan Felder: Economics Meets Medicine
Günther Fink: Why Should We Invest in Health?
Matthias Schwenkglenks: Establishing Value-for-Money of Health Interventions


Coffee Break










Keynotes, Panel Discussions

Panel 1: Hat die DRG-Finanzierung ausgedient?

Keynote: Jonas Schreyögg, Direktor Hamburg Center for Health Economics, Stellv. Vorsitzender Sachverständigenrat Gesundheit, Berlin
Christoph Kilchenmann, Stellv. Direktor Santésuisse, Solothurn
Annamaria Müller, Verwaltungsratspräsidentin Hôpital de Fribourg, Präsidentin Schweizer Forum für Integrierte Versorgung (fmc)
Moderator: Stefan Felder

Panel 2: When  Do We Have Enough Evidence for Disinvestment? Reflections on a Recent Malaria Treatment Evaluation

Presenters: Aita Signorell und Manuel Hetzel, SwissTPH
Discussants: Charlotte Adamczick, Aita Signorell, Manuel Hetzel
Moderator: Günther Fink



Plenary Panel: Was kann die Wissenschaft zur Effizienz der Gesundheitssysteme beitragen?

Jonas Schreyögg, Annamaria Müller, Christoph Kilchenmann, Matthias Schwenkglenks
Moderator: Marcel Tanner, Präsident der Akademien der Schweiz

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